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What is the average KD ratio in Apex Legends?

An important statistic to some players, the average KD ratio in Apex Legends can be a useful metric. Knowing your average KD ratio allows you to compare yourself to other players, as well as track your progress across the seasons. Here’s what you need to know about the average kill/death ratio in Apex Legends.

What is a good KD ratio in Apex Legends?

average KD ratio in Apex Legends

The average KD ratio in Apex Legends, which you’ll need to know to work out whether your kill/death ratio is “good” or not, is around 1.0.

You see, for every kill that a player gets, another player must die. For every positive impact on a player’s KD ratio, there must also be a negative impact on another player’s KD ratio. This keeps things in balance around the 1.0 mark.

However, you must also consider that some deaths aren’t caused by another player. For example, a player can die by spending too long outside of the play area, suffering damage from the circle. Out of bounds parts of the map can also cause a player to be killed. Accidentally falling from a cliff can also mean death.

Factoring in the potential for self-inflicted accidental deaths means that the average KD ration in Apex Legends is slightly below that 1.0 mark.

To work out whether or not you have a “good” KD, you can head to the “View Stats” screen by clicking next to your player name. You can then see your KD ratio for that current season, as well as previous seasons and lifetime. If it’s above that ~1.0 mark, then you can consider yourself above average in KD ratio.

If you find yourself below that 1.0 KD ratio, however, don’t fret, as there is more to Apex Legends than just getting a bunch of kills without dying. As with any other battle royale, victory is awarded only to the team that is last standing, which sometimes means playing it safe and avoiding gunfights.

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