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Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Golden Arena Skills FAQ

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax - Golden Arena Skills FAQ by Nick Tan

Your fighter in Golden Arena mode of Persona 4 Arena Ultimax will earn skills every time a boss character is defeated. While there are no boss characters in the fourth, most difficult Heaven Course, a boss character will appear every five floors in the first three courses (Normal, Hard, and Risky). A checkpoint will be made after every boss character you defeat, so you'll be able to select any floor that ends in a 1 or 6. As you might suspect, skills become progressively more powerful as you get deeper and deeper in Golden Arena. For a more in-depth guide for each course, check out the following FAQs:

Normal 1-50

Hard 1-100

Risky 1-200

You'll know a boss character by its black-and-white skin and by the fact that the character has four skills. By defeating the boss character, your character will earn one of its four skills chosen at random, with rarer skills having a lower drop rate (as surmised by the Treasure Finder skill, which ups the drop rate of rare skills). However, by repeatedly defeating the boss character, you should eventually get the skills you want to keep (though it may take a long time, believe me). Since your character can only hold four skills at a time, I suggest experimenting as much as you can. 

You can also earn skills by simply leveling up your character just as he or she would in a Persona RPG. Unfortunately, I don't have a list yet on every character's personal skill drops. But at any rate, the vast majority of your skills will be earned from boss characters.

As for advice, there are a select few skills that you should look out for. Any healing ability (triggered by pressing the right trigger button by default) is handy and you should look out for any Dia-based skill. Since Golden Arena is a Survival mode at its core, your health only recovers a bit after each match, so using a health-regenerating skill either when you absolutely need it or right before you about to defeat an opponent is a huge boon. The Endure and Enduring Soul ability will increase your survivability even more. Mediarahan, the best Dia-based skill in my book, can be acquired on Risky, Floor 135.

Especially if you're in the mood to turn on Auto Mode and just grind out levels, I would also consider having Tetrakarn or Makarakarn (or both), which makes opponents deal damage back to themselves whenever their Skill or SP Skill hits your character. Hey, there's nothing that will hurt opponents more than themselves, and the AI has no strategy against these two abilities. So if you have something like a Dia-skill or an Endure skill, you're almost guaranteed to win no matter what.

Full Analyze from Risky, Floor 165, must also get a special mention since it effectively disables every skill an enemy has. God's Judgment and Fury of Yasogami are difficult to obtain too (the latter much more than the former), but they are priceless as well.


[Skill Name - Description - What Course and Floor The Skill Can Be Acquired]

***Notable skills

Absorb Elec - Recover HP when Shocked (M) [Hard 50]

Absorb Ice - Recover HP when Frozen (M) [Hard 40]

Absorb Physical - Increase SP gained when taking damage [Hard 75, Risky 40, Risky 70]

Aeon Rain - Opponent gradually takes damage (L) [Normal 40]

Akasha Arts - Both players gradually take damage (H) [Hard 15, Risky 50, Risky 105]

Alertness - Null opponent's First Attack [Normal 15]

Ali Dance - Chance of reducing damage by 1/2 when taking damage (L) [Normal 30, Risky 10, Risky 60]

Amrita Press - Play to recover from an ailment once [Hard 25]

Angelic Grace - Reduce projectile damage by 1/2 [Risky 110, Risky 200]

Apt Pupil - All counter hits will be Fatal Counters [Hard 60, Risky 185]

Arm Chopper - Chance of Fear when attack hits (L) [Normal 20]

Arms Master - Skill Boosts cost 1/2 SP [Hard 90, Risky 170]

Arrow Rain - Opponent gradually takes damage (M) [Normal 20]

Atom Smasher - Hitting opponent's Persona destroys 2 Persona Cards [Hard 10]

Attack Master - Increase Attack (M) [Hard 55, Risky 45, Risky 160]

Auto-Maraku*** - Increase Defense (H) [Risky 25, Risky 175]

Auto-Masuku - Increase Speed (H) [Risky 195]

Auto-Mataru*** - Increase Attack (H) [Risky 35, Risky 165]

Balzac - Chance of Rage when attack hits (M) [Normal 50, Hard 35]

Bash - Disable blocking, but increase Attack (H) [Normal 40, Hard 60]

Bewilder - Chance of Panic when attack hits (H) [Hard 40, Risky 40]

Black Viper - Both players start with MAX SP [Hard 75, Hard 100, Risky 5, Risky 70]

Blue Wall - Reduce damage from Yu, Kanji, and Akihiko [Hard 45, Hard 80, Hard 140]

Brutal Impact - Disable blocking for both players [Risky 95, Risky 165]

Burning Petals - Increase chip damage (EX) [Risky 115, Risky 135]

Challenge Authority - Furious Actions can be use while blocking [Risky 145, Risky 170]

Cleave - Increase Skill Attack (L) [Normal 40]

Cool Breeze - Recover HP upon victory (M) [Hard 95, Risky 35, Risky 95]

Counter Guard - Cancel Attacks cost 1/2 SP [Hard 80, Risky 5, Risky 120]

Counterstrike - Guard Cancel Attacks cost 1/4 SP [Risky 65, Risky 185]

Debilitate*** - Reduce opponent's Attack (H) [Risky 105, Risky 160]

Defense Master - Increase Defense (M) [Hard 70, Risky 20, Risky 85]

Dekaja - Opponent will not Awaken [Hard 85]

Dekunda - Null one of the opponent's equipped skill effects [Normal 25]

Demonic Judgment - Either you or opponent start with 1/2 HP [Hard 85, Risky 20]

Dia - Press PLAY to recover HP once (L) ]Normal 35, Hard 10]

Diarahan*** - Press PLAY to recover HP once (H) [Risky 45, Risky 155]

Diarama - Press PLAY to recover HP once (M) [Hard 35, Risky 15, Risky 70]

Die for Me! - Chance of one-hit kill when SP Skill attack hits (L) [Risky 180]

Divine Grace - Auto recover HP (EX) [Risky 105, Risky 195, Risky 200]

Dragon Hustle*** - Increase Skill Attack (H), Increase Speed (M) [Risky 140, Risky 195]

Endure - When HP drops below a set level, recover HP once (M) [Hard 100, Risky 155]

Enduring Soul*** - When HP drops below a set level, recover HP once (H) [Risky 85, Risky 100, Risky 140]

Energy Shower - Both players auto recover HP (M) [None… surprisingly]

Evade Physical - Chance of reducing damage greatly when taking damage (L) [Risky 65, Risky 105]

Evil Touch - Chance of Fear when attack hits (M) [Hard 15]

Fast Heal - Reduce ailment effect duration (L) [Hard 45]

Fatal End - Increase SP Skill Attack (M) [Normal 50, Hard 60]

Firm Stance - Disable blocking, but reduce damage [Normal 35, Hard 70]

Fist Master - Combos connect more easily [Risky 95, Risky 135]

Full Analyze*** - Null opponent's equipped skill effects [Risky 165]

Fury of Yasogami*** - Activate Boss Mode [Risky 200]

Gale Slash - Opponent starts with less HP [Normal 50]

Gigantic Fist - Increase Skill Attack (L), Increase Defense (M) [Hard 20]

God's Judgment*** - Opponent starts with 1/2 HP and MAX SP [Risky 90, Risky 195, Risky 200]

Green Wall - Reduce damage from Yosuke and Yukari [Hard 5, Risky 30, Risky 65]

Growth 1 - Increase EXP gain (L) [Hard 15]

Growth 2 - Increase EXP gain (M) [Hard 50, Risky 50, Risky 145]

Growth 3 - Increase EXP gain (H) [Risky 95, Risky 150]

Hassou Tobi - Power up Hops [Hard 55, Risky 25, Risky 80]

Heat Riser - Combo damage scaling reduced [Hard 85, Risky 75, Risky 180]

Heat Wave - Increase SP Skill Attack (H) [Hard 50, Risky 90]

High Counter - Skills can be used while blocking [Risky 160, Risky 175]

Holy Arrow - Chance of Charm when attack hits (L) [Normal 10]

Hysterical Slap - Chance of Rage when attack hits (L) [Normal 10]

Infuriate - Both players start with Rage [Hard 65, Risky 45, Risky 170]

Insta-Heal - Reduce ailment effect duration (H) [Hard 45, Risky 30, Risky 80]

Invigorate 1 - Auto fill SP (L) [Hard 25, Risky 55]

Invigorate 2 - Auto fill SP (M) [Risky 50]

Invigorate 3 - Auto fill SP (H) [Risky 75, Risky 190]

Kamui Miracle - Various effects occur at the start of the round [Hard 25, Hard 100, Risky 10, Risky 115]

Life Drain - Recover HP when attack hits [Hard 30, Risky 30]

Makajam - Chance of Mute when attack hits (M) [Hard 30]

Makara Break - Null effect of Makarakarn [Hard 65]

Makarakarn*** - Damage taken from SP Skills also applies to opponent [Hard 90, Risky 100]

Marakunda - Increase chip damage (H) [Risky 70, Risky 180]

Marin Karin - Chance of Charm when attack hits (M) [Normal 45, Hard 70]

Matarunda - Reduce opponent's Attack (M) [Hard 65, Risky 15]

Me Patra - Press PLAY to recover from Panic, Fear, or Rage [Normal 15]

Media - Press PLAY to recover HP/SP once (L) [Hard 30]

Mediarahan*** - Press PLAY to recover HP/SP once (H) [Risky 135, Risky 190]

Mediarama - Press Play to recover HP/SP once (M) [Hard 65, Hard 95, Risky 5, Risky 65, Risky 150]

Mind Charge*** - SP Skills / SP Skill Boosts cost 1/2 SP [Risky 80, Risky 130]

Mind Thrust - Chance of Panic when attack hits (L) [Normal 20]

Muzzle Shot - Chance of Mute when attack hits (L) [Normal 5]

Myriad Arrows - Increase SP gained on successful First Attack (H) [Hard 20, Risky 60, Risky 110]

Navas Nebula - Decrease opponent's SP when attack hits [Normal 25]

Niflheim - Increase opponent's Frozen duration [Risky 125, Risky 150]

Null Charm - Null Charm state [Normal 10]

Null Fear - Null Fear state [Normal 25]

Null Mute - Null Mute state [Normal 30]

Null Panic - Null Panic state [Normal 5]

Null Poison - Null Poison State [Normal 20]

Null Rage - Null Rage status [Normal 35]

Old One - Decrease Speed for both players [Normal 15]

Poisma - Chance of Poison when attack hits (M) [Hard 20]

Poison Mist - Opponent starts with Poison [Normal 40]

Poison Skewer - Chance of Poison when attack hits (L) [Normal 10]

Power Slash - Increase Skill Attack (M) [Hard 5]

Pralaya - Chance of Fear when attack hits (H) [Risky 55, Risky 120]

Primal Force - Increase SP Skill Attack (EX) [Risky 40, Risky 175]

Provoke - Chance of Rage when attack hits (H) [Hard 80, Risky 10, Risky 35]

Pulinpa - Chance of Panic when attack hits (M) [Hard 40]

Rakukaja - Increase Defense (L) [Normal 30]

Rakunda - Increase chip damage (L) [Hard 15]

Rebellion - Chance of 1.5x damage when attack hits (M) [Normal 45, Hard 55]

Recarm - Press PLAY to recover BURST once (half) [Hard 30, Risky 150]

Red Wall - Reduce damage from Yukiko and Junpei [Hard 25, Risky 10, Risky 125]

Regenerate 1 - Auto recover HP (L) [Normal 50, Hard 5]

Regenerate 2 - Auto recover HP (M) [Hard 95, Risky 5, Risky 60]

Regenerate 3 - Auto recover HP (H) [Risky 155, Risky 190]

Revolution - Chance of 1.5x damage for both players when attack hits (H) [Hard 50, Risky 185]

Salvation - Press PLAY to recover HP once (H), recover from ailment once [Risky 130, Risky 170]

Samarecarm - Press PLAY to recover BURST once (full) [Risky 35, Risky 130]

Samsara - Chance of decreasing opponent's SP to 0 when attack hits (L) [Hard 40, Risky 145]

Sexy Dance - Opponent starts with Charm [Normal 45]

Sharp Student - Do not take Counter hits from opponent [Hard 10]

Shield of Justice - All blocks will be Instant Blocks [Risky 100, Risky 175]

Shuffle Time - Opponent starts with Charm/Poison/Fear [Risky 15, Risky 145]

Single Shot - Increase SP Skill Attack (L) [Normal 5]

Sonic Punch - Increase SP gained on successful First Attack (L) [Normal 5]

Soul Break - Opponent's SP auto depletes (L) [Normal 35]

Speed Master - Increase Speed (M) [Hard 10, Risky 25, Risky 75]

Spell Master - SP Skills cost 3/4 SP [Risky 75, Risky 160]

Spirit Drain - Increase SP gained when attack hits [Hard 85, Risky 185]

Spring of Life*** - Auto recover HP (H), Auto fill SP (H) [Risky 110, Risky 185]

Sukukaja - Increase Speed (L) [Normal 25]

Sukunda - Decrease opponent's Speed (L) [Normal 45, Hard 50, Risky 55, Risky 125]

Tarunda - Reduce opponent's Attack (L) [Hard 55]

Teddie Decoy - Opponent starts with Rage [Hard 35, Risky 40]

Tempest Slash - Increase SP gained on successful First Attack (L) [Hard 90, Risky 20, Risky 85]

Tetra Break - Null effect of Tetrakarn [Hard 35]

Tetrakarn*** - Damage taken from Skills also applies to opponents [Hard 70, Risky 85]

The Man's Way*** - Chance of 1.5x damage when attack hits (H) [Risky 135]

Thunder Reign - Start with low HP, Auto fill SP (EX) [Risky 60, Risky 155]

Torrent Shot - Increase Skill Attack (L), Increase Speed (L) [Hard 20, Hard 95]

Treasure Radar - Rare skills will be easier to obtain [Hard 65, Risky 25, Risky 90]

Unshaken Will - Null Panic/Fear/Mute/Rage [Risky 15, Risky 110]

Valiant Dance - Chance of opponent starting with Rage (H) [Hard 80]

Victory Cry - Recover HP upon victory (H) [Risky 140]

Vigor Song - Auto fill SP (EX) [Risky 120, Risky 165]

Vile Assault - Increase Skill Attack (M), Increase Defense (L) [Hard 90, Risky 90]

Virus Breath - Both players start with 1/2 HP [Hard 75, Risky 115]

Vorpal Blade - Increase Skill Attack (H) [Hard 80, Hard 100, Risky 30]

Weary Thrust - Opponent starts the round with the same amount of HP as you [Hard 5]

White Wall - Reduce damage from Chie, Mitsuru, and Teddie [Hard 60, Risky 45, Risky 100]

Youthful Wind*** - Auto recover HP (H), Auto fill SP (M), Increase Speed (M) [Risky 130, Risky 180]