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Is there a Rogue Company battle royale release date?

Following recent leaks, players are eager to learn the Rogue Company battle royale release date. Here’s everything we currently know about the datamined Rogue Company BR mode and when it might be available.

Is there a Rogue Company battle royale release date?

Rogue Company battle royale release date

No BR mode has officially been unveiled at the time of writing, meaning that there isn’t a Rogue Company battle royale release date. Leaked game files could indicate that a Rogue Company “Royale” mode is set to be introduced at some point in the future, however.

Twitter account @RogueHQnet shared the below tweet, in which a file titled “Royale” is highlighted. Inside there are two additional files referencing a “Death Zone” which could be Rogue Company‘s version of the dangerous encroaching area found in most BR games.

Though it’d be exciting to see a Rogue Company battle royale mode, these files shouldn’t be taken as confirmation that it’s definitely happening. There’s a reason that game files aren’t readily accessible to players: they often contain references to features that aren’t ready or may never be implemented.

RogueHQ even acknowledged this in a follow-up tweet, stating that “these files might never make it to retail.” Some alpha players also claim that the mode could relate to an “FFA game mode with a fancy name and maybe some unique playstyle.”

Is Rogue Company getting a battle royale mode?

  • Leaks pertaining to a game mode named “Royale” could indicate that Hi-Rez is working on Rogue Company battle royale.
  • Alpha players claim that it could relate to a unique free-for-all mode instead.
  • The “Royale” game files might never amount to anything — the mode could be scrapped and never publically released.
  • No official details on a Rogue Company BR mode have been shared, including a release date.

Ever since Hi-Rez Studios recently surprise launched Rogue Company, the game’s community has been hard at work figuring out what features are set to be added next. Hidden details not contained in the official roadmap, that is.