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Rogue Company Roadmap 2020 | New Updates and DLC

Competitive shooter Rogue Company recently got an early access launch seemingly out of nowhere. So far, players have mostly been digging the game and growing curious about what’s next. Thankfully, we have the Rogue Company roadmap detailing new updates and DLC to come throughout 2020. Keep scrolling to discover all of the Rogue Company 2020 roadmap details.

Rogue Company Roadmap 2020 | New Update and DLC Details

Rogue Company roadmap

Hi-Rez Studios‘ 2020 Rogue Company content roadmap is split into three phases. Unfortunately, it isn’t yet known when these phases will begin and end. We also don’t know the pricing model; these could be free add-ons, require a purchase, or be a mixture of both. We do, however, know what they’ll include.

Rogue Company Roadmap 2020 | Phase 1

The first phase will add new player vanity items, a new in-game penalty system, and an all-new map named Vice.

  • Player identity
    • Show off your flair with custom avatars, banners, and frames.
  • Surrender/Deserter penalty
    • Reduce time in an imbalanced match through Surrender.
    • Deserter deterrent system for players who leave matches or go AFK.
  • New Vice map
    • No specific details have been shared about the Vice map just yet.

Rogue Company Roadmap 2020 | Phase 2

Phase 2 is the largest of the three and looks set to make perhaps the most exciting addition — a new playable character! Alongside the new Rogue, players will get access to custom and ranked matches, along with a new mastery leveling system.

  • New playable Rogue
    • Rogue Company is always expanding and a new member joins the team.
  • Custom matches
    • Put together a competitive match or just practice with friends.
  • Ranked matches
    • Step up and play against the best Rogue Company has to offer for rewards and prestige.
  • Rogue mastery
    • Unlock unique rewards and cosmetics as you win matches, master, and level up each Rogue.

Rogue Company Roadmap 2020 | Phase 3

Rogue Company‘s third roadmap phase is scheduled to add equipment mastery, a Battle Pass, and an “Advanced Ping system” to encourage team play.

  • Equipment mastery
    • Master your gadgets and weapons to earn rewards.
  • Rogue Company Battle Pass
    • Unlock cosmetics, rewards, and more.
  • Gameplay improvements
    • An Advanced Ping system to better improve team communication.

You can expect to see all of the above hit Rogue Company in 2020. If you find yourself struggling with server errors in the meantime, here’s what you should do.