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Fall Guys Party Size | How many friends can you play with?

Fall Guys is a surprise hit, and with matches containing up to 60 players, you’ll probably want to know what the max party size is. How many friends can you invite to a Fall Guys match at a time? Can you have a high school reunion in-game?

Unfortunately, at launch, the max party size for Fall Guys is somewhat limited. Suppose you were hoping to invite a small business’s worth of people to a colorful competition. In that case, you’re going to be disappointed.


What is the max party size in Fall Guys?

Unfortunately, the amount of players you can invite to your party in Fall Guys is relatively low. You can only have a squad of up to four people at one time.

If you were hoping to have a Fall Guys free-for-all between all your friends and loved ones, it’s not going to happen. There’s also no way to join a private match, so you can’t form multiple parties, and all join one game.

Additionally, local co-op isn’t included with the game on launch. However, the developers have stated that they may add it to the roadmap in the future if they can work out the technical issues. Private servers may also make an appearance in the game in a future update is demand is high enough.

For now, you can form a party in Fall Guys with a max size of four players. The only option currently available for squads is random matchmaking. There’s also no guarantee that the four players will be placed together for events that require teams.

However, the game just officially launched today. The devs will obviously be collecting data on what players enjoy and what they don’t. If larger parties and private matches are something the fanbase wants to see, they’ll likely be added down the road.