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Is there a Horizon Zero Dawn Xbox One release date?

Horizon Zero Dawn just hit PC, and, with Sony sharing its toys, Xbox fans are wondering if the game might come to Microsoft‘s console next. So, is there a Horizon Zero Dawn Xbox One version planned? Keep scrolling for the answer.

Is Horizon Zero Dawn coming to Xbox One?

Horizon Zero Dawn Xbox One

There are currently no plans to release a Horizon Zero Dawn Xbox One port. There’s no Horizon Zero Dawn Xbox One release date to look forward to as a result.

Although it might be easy to assume that HZD Xbox One could happen now that the game isn’t a PlayStation exclusive, it isn’t very likely. The reason for this is that Xbox is PlayStation’s most direct competitor, whereas PC gaming largely occupies a different marketplace. Former PS4-exclusive titles like Death Stranding, Heavy Rain, and Beyond: Two Souls have all hit PC without ever coming to Xbox.

Similarly, first-party Xbox games launch on PC but not PS4. There are a few rare cases to the contrary, mostly surrounding Minecraft and its spin-offs, but Sony has never launched a first-party PlayStation game on Xbox. There’s a first for everything, of course, but we wouldn’t advise betting on this.

Horizon Forbidden West is a sequel that’s currently being developed by Guerilla Games for PS5. It’s being positioned as a system-seller, which just goes to show that Sony has big plans for the franchise moving forwards. Making the series available on competing console hardware could be likened to self-sabotage in some ways.

Will Horizon Zero Dawn come to Xbox One?

  • There are no plans to release a Horizon Zero Dawn Xbox One port.
  • It’s unlikely to ever happen, as Sony (PlayStation) owns the game and would be sharing it with a direct competitor.
  • Although Horizon Zero Dawn eventually came to PC, PC and console gaming are different sectors.
  • There’s no HZD Xbox One release date.