Box art - Risk of Rain 2

Risk of Rain 2 Cleansing Pool | Locations and Items

Risk of Rain 2 has a lot of objects that seem mysterious at first glance. One of these objects is the Cleansing Pool. These function almost like 3D Printers in that they’ll give you something in exchange for one of your items. They demand a high price, but if you can pay it, a Cleansing Pool will offer one of the most valuable items in the game. Here’s where to find one.

Risk of Rain 2 | Where to Find Cleansing Pool Locations

Risk of Rain 2 - Cleansing Pool Locations

Cleansing Pools in Risk of Rain 2 have a chance to appear as rare structures in just three specific environments. You’ll only find them in Wetland Aspect, Scorched Acres, and Siren’s Call. That means there’s a chance for a Cleansing Pool to appear in stages two, three, and four of each loop.

You may not recognize one the first time you see it. Cleansing Pools look almost like flower pots, except they’re bigger than the player character. They’re also a fair bit larger than Item Cauldrons, so they shouldn’t be hard to spot. Their interactable nature will be made obvious once you hover over them, as they’ll show up with a yellow highlight.

Cleansing Pool Items and Effects

To activate a Cleansing Pool, you’ll need to fork over a Lunar Item. Since Lunar Items typically carry both a positive and a negative effect, these pools can be used to get rid of a Lunar that isn’t working toward your build. One of the best items to trade is Beads of Fealty, which you won’t need if you’re trying to kill the game’s new final boss.

Risk of Rain 2 Cleansing Pool Item - Pearl

In exchange for your Lunar Item, the Cleansing Pool will offer either a Pearl or an Irradiant Pearl:

  • Pearl: Increases maximum health by 10% (+10% per stack)
  • Irradiant Pearl: Increases all stats by 10% (+10% per stack)

Of the two, Irradiant Pearls are much more rare, with just a 4% spawn rate. Fortunately, you can check which item the Cleansing Pool will provide by pinging it. A log of the offered item will appear in the chat box. It’s not a perfect system, but it does allow you to seek out any nearby Lunar Pods in the environment in the off chance you spot an Irradiant Pearl spawn.