PGA Tour 2K21 | How to get perfect swing timing

PGA Tour 2K21 swing timing can be a major issue for players, with there being no in-game meter to show you how to get perfect downswing timing in PGA Tour 2K21 before you take your shot. Fortunately, there are methods to ensure you improve your timing, even if it has been uncovered by players that the timing can occasionally be random. Here’s how to improve your downswing timing in the game, and prevent those debilitating very fast and very slow shots.

PGA Tour 2K21 | What is swing timing?

Downswing timing is measured by the time it takes you to flick your analog stick up after powering your shot. There is no meter to help you with your timing as you’re taking the shot, so getting it right can be tricky.

Downswing timing will affect the direction of your ball as you hit it. If you hit a perfectly timed shot, it will go in the direction your swing has sent it. If you hit it very fast or very slow, it will either slice or hook wildly to the left or to the right. You can also hit it fast and slow, which will cause it to shift its trajectory slightly to the left or right, but will still send the ball in roughly the area you intended it to go.

PGA Tour 2K21 | How to improve downswing timing

To improve your swing timing in PGA Tour 2K21, you will first need to do the following:

  1. Go to Training
  2. Select swing calibration in the menu
  3. Take 10 power swings

This will allow the game to assess your downswing timing, making it easier to hit the ball perfectly.

Next, you want to find a club that will be more forgiving on your swing. You can go into your MyPlayer golf bag and select a club with a higher forgiveness rating, therefore making it less susceptible to a poorly-timed swing.

The default HBS Classic F01 has decent forgiveness, though the Tour B JGR is undoubtedly the easiest to swing, though offers fractional less distance. However, if you’re struggling with shot timing, the penalty to shot distance will be negligible compared to how much a more forgiving club can benefit you.

PGA Tour 2K21 | Why is my swing timing always off?

Unfortunately, there is one element of shot timing that can’t be changed. There is a random element to the shot timing, meaning that even if you land a perfectly timed shot, there’s no guarantee it will register that way. This was uncovered when players ran scripts performing the same inputs in the game, which should have registered as perfectly timed constantly, yet proved to be inconsistent.

It’s unclear if this is intentional or something developer HB Studios plans to remove in a patch, but for the time being you will sometimes mistime your shot even when you’ve technically hit it as well as you could have done.