Is Zoom inverted? | Why is my camera mirrored?

Is Zoom inverted? You may well have noticed that text appears backward while you’re taking part in a conference call with others online. It seems that your camera is mirrored in Zoom while you’re talking to others. Why is this happening? Why does Zoom flip your face during calls?

Read on to find out how to flip your camera on Zoom. Discover below if there is anything you can do about your mirror-image during those often important conference calls.

What is the mirror effect on Zoom?

is Zoom inverted

Zoom appears to automatically mirror your camera during conference calls. When you see yourself in a conference call on Zoom, your face will be flipped, the camera mirroring your movements. This will make text appear backward and it can be a little distracting. The key, however, is that your image is inverted on your preview screen only. For everyone else in the call, you will look totally normal and text will appear the correct way around. You do not have to write everything backward to get it to appear normal for everyone else.

If you find your mirrored visage distracting (aside from looking glorious), you can, thankfully, turn mirroring off in Zoom’s settings. It’s entirely up to you whether you’d like to see yourself as everyone else will or as if you’re looking into a mirror. Either way, your spatial awareness will be effected in one way or another.

How to turn off Zoom mirroring

  • Head into “Video Settings”
    • Up arrow on the video button within the conference window to access Video Settings
  • “My Video”
    • “Mirror my video”
      • Click the checkbox to enable or disable video mirroring

We’d suggest that you try both settings out before deciding what to stick with. You don’t want to be disoriented by your own mirrored or un-mirrored image during a call with the boss.