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THPS 1+2 Warning Error | ‘Please make sure that you have internet connection’ explained

THPS 1+2 warning error is appearing for players trying to access Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2, with the message telling players to ‘Please make sure that you have internet connection and that you are logged in to Epic.’ This is despite players already being online and logged into the Epic Games Store Launcher.

The THPS 1+2 error message has suddenly started appearing for players, despite them having no internet issues and already being signed into Epic. As Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 requires an internet connection to access its single-player modes, the error message is preventing players from jumping into the game, even if they don’t want to access its multiplayer component.

THPS 1+2 ‘Please make sure that you have internet connection’ error explained

The THPS 1+2 ‘Please make sure that you have internet connection’ error message is due to Epic’s online services experiencing authentication issues. This is preventing games from being authenticated by Epic, meaning that THPS 1+2 is currently unplayable as a result.

According to a status report from Epic, the company is currently investigating this issue. “We are currently investigating issues with our authentication services and online services,” Epic stated in a tweet. “We will update you when the issue is resolved.”

Is there a THPS 1+2 Warning error fix?

As this issue is related to Epic’s authentication services, players are unable to fix the THPS 1+2 warning error. Epic has not provided an update on when the issue will resolved, so those trying to access the game will instead be forced to hang tight.

As THPS 1+2 is predominantly a single-player game, players are inevitably confused as to why they can’t play the game without being connected to Epic’s online services. However, as it’s online-only on PC, solo players still require stable internet and a connection to EGS in order to play the game, even if they aren’t accessing its multiplayer component.