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How to sabotage lights in Among Us

How do you sabotage lights in Among Us? Sabotaging stuff such as lights and doors in the online multiplayer game can help steer you towards success, but only the impostors can make use of the ability. Read on to find out how to sabotage lights in Among Us and leave the crew members almost entirely in the dark.

Discover below where to sabotage Among Us lights and, how to fix sabotaged lights (when you’re playing as a crew member).

How do you sabotage lights in Among Us?

how to sabotage lights in Among Us

When playing as an impostor, head to the Electrical room on the map and use your sabotage ability. Sabotaging lights in Among Us will make it very dark for all crew members until the lights are fixed. Until then, it will be difficult to see as a crew member, with only a limited “light circle” around you. You will find it tricky to see other players while the lights remain off.

For the impostor, meanwhile, the lights remain on as normal. Sabotaging the lights will benefit any and all impostors on the map. You will be able to sneak up on unsuspecting crew members, who won’t see you until the last second. Time to head to that Electrical room.

How to fix the lights in Among Us

  • Head to the Electrical room
    • Just one crew member is needed to fix the lights
  • Find the electrical box (a large square box that should have a lightning bolt symbol on it)
  • Select “Use” in the bottom-right corner of the screen
  • Flick the switches
  • The lights should now be back up and running as normal

Remember, though, that you’ll need to be careful on your way to the Electrical room to fix the lights. You don’t know who will be waiting for you around each and every corner. If you suspect some foul-play, meanwhile, find out if you can report hackers.