Slack Messages Not Sending | Why is the app so slow?

Many Slack users are experiencing problems with the app on PC, Android, and iOS. Game Revolution has verified that there is an issue with Slack messages not sending and the app loading slowly. Read on for the current Slack status, including whether it is down.

Why are Slack messages not sending?

Slack Messages Not Sending

Slack messages are not sending for many users. The message appears to hang for a moment before telling the user that sending has failed. It can take anywhere from a few seconds to a full minute for the message to fail, making it appear like a slow loading issue.

To fix the Slack messages not sending error, users can try a few troubleshooting tips:

  • Restart Slack on PC, Android, or iPhone.
    • Fully close the browser on PC before reopening the site.
    • Swipe away the Slack app on Android or iPhone before then reopening it.
  • Clear Slack cache.
    • On the desktop app, click Help > Troubleshooting > Clear cache and restart.
  • Try the Slack connection test.
    • Check connections to Slack by using this tool.

Those struggling to find a fix, even after following the above methods, will need to wait on the Slack team to find a solution. Sending messages more quickly is down to the developers finding the issue and fixing it.

The good news is that the folks over at Slack have acknowledged the problem, stating the following on their Status page:

Some users might still experience slowness such as:

  • Performance issues
  • Message send failures
  • Boot failures or connectivity issues
  • API slowness

We apologise for the continued disruption, we’re continuing to investigate this issue. (Sep 29, 2:18 PM GMT+1)

Some people may be experiencing slow performance and trouble sending messages in Slack. We’re currently investigating and will have more information shortly. Thank you for your patience.(Sep 29, 1:10 PM GMT+1)

This should hopefully mean Slack will working again soon, with messages sending fast again.

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Trello has also suffered connection issues recently, with users experiencing “connection failure” problems.