PlayStation Error WS-37505-0 | PSN Unavailable

Due to problems inherent to the internet, the PlayStation Network occasionally experiences outages. It’s times like these when PlayStation 4 users experience issues such as PlayStation Error WS-37505-0. This error seems to imply that PSN is unavailable, blocking players from reaching the PlayStation Store or downloading their games. Here’s what this error means and what you need to do to fix it.

PlayStation Error WS-37505-0 | How to fix

PlayStation Error WS-37505-0 - How to fix

PlayStation error WS-37505-0 appears in times when PSN servers go down. Sony says this error means that the PlayStation Network or game servers are temporarily unavailable. As a result, you’re unable to access the Store or play certain games.

More often than not, error WS-37505-0 is a result of simple server outages. When the PlayStation Network goes down, all kinds of problems can appear, including the alarming CE-42739-5 error.

Fortunately, there’s no need for action on your part. This isn’t something you can fix yourself. Instead, you’ll have to wait until the PlayStation Network servers come back online. Sony support recommends checking the PSN Server Status page to see how many systems are impacted and how long you may have to wait until they’re functioning normally.

Until then, you’re likely to experience delayed or outright stalled game downloads. It’s also possible that game-specific servers will be unavailable, particularly those based around Sony’s own game servers. You should be able to reach servers for games outside of Sony’s own network, but performance isn’t exactly guaranteed. The best bet is to wait until everything stabilizes, then try your connection again.

PlayStation error WS-37505-0 simply means that PSN servers are unavailable. There’s nothing you can do to fix it; you’ll have to wait until things are back up and running. Fortunately, you can still enjoy any offline PS4 games or certain online games with their own dedicated servers.