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Phasmophobia voice chat not working fix

In need of a Phasmophobia voice chat not working fix? Some users are encountering Phasmophobia mic issues, leaving them unable to talk to ghosts and teammates. That can be hugely damaging to the game experience, but thankfully, there’s an easy solution. Here is the Phasmophobia voice chat not working fix.

How to fix mic not working in Phasmophobia

Phasmophobia voice chat not working fix

Communication is key when playing Phasmophobia co-op, and even solo if you choose to converse with the spirits. It’s more unfortunate in this instance than most others, then, to encounter microphone errors. The Phasmophobia voice chat problems are pretty common, though the silver lining here is that means there are more heads to put together for a solution.

The Phasmophobia voice chat not working fix is to quit out of the ongoing investigation and begin a new one. Mic issues happen when a user is disconnected from the voice server upon loading into a level, according to developer Kinetic Games.

Some users have also noted a correlation between alt+tabbing and Phasmophobia communication problems. Frequent alt+tab users will want to play the game in windowed mode and click the minimize icon in the top right corner to avoid any potential issues.

Kinetic Games is currently looking into the Phasmophobia voice chat bug, but notes that coming up with a solution “might take some time.” Until then, the team plans to implement a temporary fix; by adding a rejoin option, players will be able to quit out of an investigation and then return to re-establish their Phasmophobia voice server connection.

For the time being, however, the only option is for all players to restart an investigation entirely. Performing a comms check at the beginning of each investigation will help to avoid losing progress in the future.

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