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Phasmophobia | Can you player 2-player co-op?

Does Phasmophobia have 2-player co-op? Phasmophobia is best played with friends, but as the horror game focuses on ghost hunting teams, players may be curious over whether or not 2-player teams are permitted. So is Phasmophobia 2-player, and does the horror game support local co-op on top of its online offering?

Can you play Phasmophobia 2-player?

Phasmophobia 2-player co-op

All levels in Phasmophobia can be played either solo or cooperatively. Helpfully, Kinetic Games provide a recommended team size for each investigation to help aspiring ghost hunters go in prepared. However, some users have been left wondering if there’s a middle ground between going it solo and with the maximum number of four players.

Thankfully, there is Phasmophobia 2-player co-op support. Whether joining a random lobby or inviting a friend to play online, Phasmophobia can be played cooperatively with two players in its entirety.

Of course, users can also play Phasmophobia in 3-player co-op and 4-player co-op sessions. In the event that a duo convinces another friend to join them or opens a lobby up to randoms, it’s easy to expand the number of cooperative players beyond just two.

Can you play Phasmophobia local co-op multiplayer?

Phasmophobia local co-op

There is no Phasmophobia local co-op support for any number of players. Unfortunately, that rules out 2-player Phasmophobia co-op on the couch.

Phasmophobia co-op is online-only, but the popular ghost hunting game can be played solo if that’s an issue. In order to use some tools like the spirit box, however, even solo players do need to be online. It’s possible to talk to ghosts in Phasmophobia, though doing so requires an active connection to the game’s voice server. Issues with that server have been noted by the developer, though, thankfully, there is an easy fix.

Having cleared up the fact Phasmophobia 2-player co-op is supported online, but not locally, check out this list of all ghost types and their weaknesses.