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Phasmophobia ‘Server Version Mismatch’ error fix

The Phasmophobia “Server Version Mismatch” error message is causing some users headaches. It most commonly affects private lobbies hosted in the PC game, preventing friends from playing Phasmophobia online together. Luckily, there’s an easy Phasmophobia Server Version Mismatch error fix.

How to fix the Phasmophobia Server Version Mismatch error

The version mismatch Phasmophobia server error usually happens when a user attempts to join a private lobby. This makes the problem especially inconvenient, as players have often made specific plans to privately meet up with their friends.

To fix the Phasmophobia Server Version Mismatch error, follow these steps:

  1. Check that beta version owners aren’t still on the Phasmophobia beta branch.
  2. Check that all players have the latest Phasmophobia update installed.
  3. Have all players select the same Phasmophobia server region via the options menu.

The Phasmophobia Server Version Mismatch issue can occur when players from different regions attempt to play together. If, for example, you’re on the US servers and want to play with a friend on the EU servers, that can be the cause. Changing the region to match is an effective solution, though may cause latency for the player(s) that switch.

While less consistent, some have reported that changing the region to match, resetting the game, then reverting back to the original Phasmophobia region can work. This trick would avoid any potential Phasmophobia latency issues, though isn’t a guaranteed fix.

Its runaway success has caused a few notable Phasmophobia server issues, including problems with voice comms. Fortunately, Kinetic Games is incredibly responsive to community issues and generally quick to issues patches. Although this Phasmophobia version mismatch workaround is a simple temporary solution, an official Phasmophobia Server Version Mismatch update is likely to squash the bug in due course.

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