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Phasmophobia Capture a Photo of the Ghost | Which camera to use

One of the randomized mission objectives that may pop up requires players to capture a photo of the ghost when playing Phasmophobia. This is one of the more dangerous tasks the game tasks you with, as it requires hunters to be very close to the spirit in its active phase. Players also have to make sure you’ve equipped the right camera to take pictures of it, as there are multiple types found in Phasmophobia.

If a match includes the need to take a picture of the ghost, one team member should equip themselves with the digital camera. This camera looks like a point-and-shoot model instead of the DSLR-styled night-vision camera connected to the monitor in the truck.

How to capture a photo of a ghost in Phasmophobia

Phasmophobia Picture of Ghost

Capturing the photo of the ghost in Phasmophobia can be tricky. Players have to provoke the specter to show itself, preferably without triggering a hunt. This means that this should be one of the last objectives that a team attempts since it puts one or more members at risk of being killed.

Once the team has completed all objectives that can be accomplished without forcing the ghost to appear, a player can set out to capture a photo of it. The player holding the photo camera should pair up with another that has a crucifix. That item prevents the ghost from starting a hunt and can make the process much safer. However, some spirits will only apparate when a player is alone, in which case, a team member with the camera will have to risk it.

The best way to get a ghost to appear in Phasmophobia is to speak to it. Speak its name aloud in its room and ask it questions. Just be careful. A good early warning sign that the spirit about to start a hunt is to either have another teammate with a flashlight or another light source on outside of the ghost room within the camera-holding player’s vision. When this light starts flickering, it means danger is imminent, and its time to hide.

It shouldn’t take too long to capture a photo of a ghost in Phasmophobia with some luck. Just keep wary of the spirit entering its hunt phase.