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Phasmophobia Can you kill ghosts? | Is there exorcism?

Those playing Phasmophobia might wonder if there’s a way to kill the ghosts. After all, exorcism has been widely featured in horror media over the years. One would think a team of ghost hunters could perform the ritual needed to send these spirits back to the afterlife.

In Phasmophobia, players take on the role of a member of a ghost hunting team. They must use various detection devices and cameras to localize and identify the type of spirit haunting a location. While doing so, they’re at risk of falling prey to the malevolent entity and being killed. There are limited defenses a player can use, like crucifixes and smudge sticks. However, for the most part, the team is very vulnerable to the ghost and can do little but observe the haunting and take notes.

Can the ghosts in Phasmophobia be killed with an exorcism?

Phasmophobia can you exorcise ghosts

Unfortunately, there’s no way to kill ghosts in Phasmophobia as of writing. Teams are meant to enter locations, find the haunting, complete objectives, and get out. Exorcisms aren’t currently available in Phasmophobia, so players will have to be content in identifying the type of spirit they’re dealing with.

However, the game is currently in early access. Features continue to be added, and Phasmophobia will continue to get more and more content ramping up to its anticipated full launch in 2021. By the time version 1.0 comes out, teams may be able to do more than just research ghosts.

Being able to perform exorcisms in Phasmophobia would add a new phase to the gameplay. Teams would need another category of items, and they could further utilize the game’s voice functions. Perhaps more features will be added as well. The ability to conduct more complex seances and the like would add more variety to the gameplay and give the game more staying power.