PS4 Trophy Level Increase | Why has my rank gone up?

Many PlayStation fans have noticed a PS4 Trophy level increase on their PSN profiles. Nobody’s complaining, but what’s the deal? With Sony making changes to the PlayStation Trophy system ahead of the PS5 launch this November, get the latest on the new PlayStation Trophy leveling system in this guide.

PS4 Trophy Level Increase | Why has my PSN rank increased?

Whether a user cares about earning Trophies to increase their PlayStation Network profile rank or not, it can be a good indicator of experience on the platform at a glance. Ever since the PS3 introduced Trophies to the PlayStation ecosystem, players have been ranked from level 1-100. Levels are calculated based on the number and quality of Trophies earned; following the recent update, however, many players have shot straight past the former PSN level cap.

All PSN users’ Trophy levels have increased due to PlayStation Trophy system changes implemented by Sony. Rather than ranging from level 1-100, PSN Trophy ranks now range from 1-999. Due to the updated PlayStation Trophy rankings, every PSN profile rank has automatically been “remapped” to fit the new system. As an example, players with a Trophy level of 12 will now have a Trophy level in the low 200s.

These altered Trophy ranks were announced via the official PlayStation Blog. The post reassures players that the Trophies they’ve unlocked are unaffected and will carry over to the PS5. No changes are being made to Trophy unlock requirements, either. Essentially, the core Trophy unlocking experience will remain the same following the new Trophy system’s implementation.

Players should find that the Trophy leveling process is more rewarding now, though. With more levels to achieve, Trophy level increases will happen far more regularly. Players can also aim to increase their PSN profile rank based on their Trophy level.

PlayStation Trophy level ranks

  • Bronze PSN rank
    • Trophy Level 1-299
  • Silver PSN rank
    • Trophy Level 300-599
  • Gold PSN rank
    • Trophy Level 600-998
  • Platinum PSN rank
    • Trophy Level 999

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