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The Survivalists Sail Recipe | How to craft the sail

To progress past the starting island in The Survivalists, players will need to craft a raft to journey to new lands. The raft itself can be built relatively early in the game, but it can’t actually be used until players can craft the sail. Unfortunately, getting the blueprint for the sail is more challenging than getting the one for the raft, though the materials to actually build it are very common. Fortunately, there’s not much of a grind to get them either.

Players will have to craft a number of items before they unlock the recipe for the sail in The Survivalists. We’ll walk through the tech tree until the point the sail for the raft is unlocked.

How to unlock the sail recipe in The Survivalists

The Survivalists Sail Recipe

The sail doesn’t actually require players to find a blueprint. Instead, it can be unlocked via the Crafting Bench tech tree. However, to get to the recipe, players will have to craft a few items that they will likely not have any interest in at this point in the game.

The progression to reach the raft recipe is:

  1. Comfy Padding
  2. Makeshift Bed Sheet
  3. Makeshift Rug
  4. Luxury Bed Sheet
  5. Sail

These recipes can be made in quick succession, and it doesn’t take long to unlock the sail in The Survivalists once players know where on the tech tree the sail is located. The tutorial shows where all the materials needed to craft the items leading up to the sail are save for fur.

To get fur, players will need to hunt rabbits or other animals. In particular, rabbits are skittish, so it’s best to use a bow and arrow to harvest their fur. If players are lucky, they’ll enter the game near rabbits spawn. If so, the raft and sail can be built without venturing too far from the starting location.

Once the player can craft a sail, they may place it on the raft and leave the starting island. This is best to do as early as possible as certain materials, like Metal Ingots, can’t be mined on the initial island.