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How to unlock Jigsaw in Modern Warfare

Wondering how to unlock Jigsaw in Modern Warfare? Billy, the creepy clown puppet from the Saw movie franchise, is now available as a playable character in Call of Duty. Here’s how to unlock the Billy Legendary Operator Skin in CoD: Modern Warfare and Warzone.

How to get the Jigsaw skin in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

How to unlock Jigsaw in Modern Warfare

One of the scariest things about Saw is the clown puppet. Often referred to as Jigsaw, Billy appears across the series and asks victims: “Do you want to play a game?” It’s an iconic line that causes chills, and now players can utter it on the microphone while cosplaying as him. It’s all thanks to the new Haunting of Verdansk Halloween event, which kicks off across Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone later today.

To unlock Jigsaw in Modern Warfare and Warzone, players must purchase the “Saw” bundle for 2,400 CoD Points ($20). Items available to purchase via the in-game store rotate on a daily basis, so if the Saw bundle isn’t currently available check back on another day.

Modern Warfare Saw bundle contents

The leaked Call of Duty Saw Collection bundle content is detailed below, via CoD Tracker.

  • Billy — Legendary Operator Skin
  • Confession — Legendary CR-56 AMAX Weapon Skin
  • Death Trap — Legendary Model 680 Weapon Skin
  • Phlebotomist — Legendary Combat Knife Weapon Skin
  • Pain Train — Legendary Vehicle Skin
  • Let’s Play a Game — Epic Charm
  • Play Me — Epic Sticker
  • Saw — Epic Calling Card
  • The Choice Is Yours — Epic Emblem
  • Spiral Cut — Epic Spray

After purchasing the Saw Collection for 2,400 CP, all of the above items will be available for immediate use in both Modern Warfare and Warzone. The Call of Duty Jigsaw skin is undoubtedly the star of the show, though there are also some sweet Saw cosmetics to round out the bundle and complete the character’s ensemble.

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