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Amnesia: Rebirth Custom Stories | Is there mod support?

Are there Amnesia: Rebirth custom stories? The ability for fans to create, share, and access unique storylines gave Amnesia: The Dark Descent amazing longevity. Here’s whether Amnesia: Rebirth mod support means the same can be said of the anticipated follow-up.

Amnesia: Rebirth Mods | Are there custom stories?

Amnesia Rebirth mod support

Anybody brave enough to finish the original Amnesia graduated to playing custom stories. These Amnesia mods retooled game assets to create new adventures for users to embark on, essentially making the experience endless. With DLC now being more prevalent and official modding tools less so, does Amnesia: Rebirth bring back custom stories?

Amnesia: Rebirth does not feature custom stories at launch. According to developer Frictional Games, however, the team plans to “continue supporting custom stories into the foreseeable future.” Although the game is also available on PS4, any Amnesia: Rebirth mods and modding tools will likely be exclusive to PC.

A member of the Frictional Games team replied to a fan email several months ago confirming that Amnesia: Rebirth custom story support would be implemented. The email concludes by stating the developers are “looking forward to seeing everyone’s creations.”

Though custom stories aren’t available right now, there isn’t long to wait for the Amnesia: Rebirth custom stories release date. @frictionalgames responded to a fan on Twitter saying that they “hope to release [a] patch with [custom story] support early next week.” If all goes well, that means the Amnesia: Rebirth custom stories update is likely to land around October 26, 2020.

This leaves players a few days to finish up the main story, which isn’t the direct sequel many were expecting. The patch should also arrive just in time for  Halloween!

With custom stories making their way to Amnesia: Rebirth, could a VR mode be next? What about Xbox One and Nintendo Switch versions of the new Amnesia game?