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Is there an Amnesia: Rebirth VR mode?

Is there Amnesia: Rebirth VR support on PC and PS4? Frictional Games’ Amnesia franchise is pretty terrifying, which makes it a perfect candidate for virtual reality. Find out if Amnesia: Rebirth is compatible with PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest, HTC Vive, and Valve Index in this guide.

Does Amnesia: Rebirth work with VR headsets?

Amnesia: Rebirth VR

Amnesia: Rebirth is a follow-up (though not a direct sequel) to 2010’s Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Just over a decade ago when the original launched, VR was mostly reserved for science fiction. Now, however, virtual reality is widely accessible and a great means of boosting player immersion. One genre where this has proven particularly successful is horror, which has masochistic horror fans eager to play the latest installment in virtual reality. So, does Amnesia: Rebirth work in VR?

There is no Amnesia: Rebirth VR mode. Unfortunately, Amnesia: Rebirth does not work with VR headsets on PC or PS4. According to the game’s creative director, Thomas Grip, implementing virtual reality support “would be very hard” and developer Frictional Games “doesn’t have any plans for it.”

The regrettable news comes from an interview with PC Gamer published back in March; it doesn’t look likely that an Amnesia: Rebirth VR update will be released in the future. That said, Grip didn’t outright rule out the idea, which could leave the possibility on the table if there’s high enough demand. It isn’t unheard of for VR support to be patched into a game post-launch, after all.

Much like the original, Amnesia: Rebirth is a dark game both literally and thematically. Players should aim to preserve matches in order to light their way, especially since torches can’t be carried. Additionally, it’s important to utilize the new Amulet to help with navigating through the darkness.

Although Amnesia: Rebirth has been critically well-received, it isn’t without problems. Some players are finding that they can’t run and encountering blurry graphics.