Box art - Amnesia: Rebirth

Amnesia: Rebirth blurry graphics fix

Is there an Amnesia: Rebirth blurry graphics fix? Some players are finding that the visuals can become incredibly blurred in the latest Amnesia game on PS4 and PC. Luckily, there’s an easy solution to the Amnesia: Rebirth fuzzy GFX bug.

What is the Amnesia: Rebirth blurry graphics fix?

Amnesia: Rebirth blurry graphics fix

When changing some Amnesia: Rebirth graphics settings, the game can become very blurry. This mostly occurs on PC after altering the “Depth of Field” option, which warns that distant objects will become blurred. As can be seen in this guide’s featured image, however, objects in the foreground can also get blurry.

To fix the blurry graphics issue in Amnesia: Rebirth, simply reboot the game. This causes any altered graphics options to apply correctly, removing the distracting Amnesia: Rebirth visual blur in the process.

It’d be interesting if blurred GFX in Amnesia: Rebirth were an indication of the character’s sanity; various gameplay elements can cause the protagonist to become scared, like spending time in the dark and encountering monsters. Eternal Darkness famously played tricks on users to ramp up the horror, but alas, here it’s just a glitch.

While the Depth of Field setting is the biggest cause of the blurry GFX bug, other graphics options can seemingly cause the issue too. Fortunately, the blurred graphics fix is the same either way: just restart Amnesia: Rebirth to eliminate blurred visuals.

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