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How to unlock the Fortnite Ant-Man Skin

It looks like a Fortnite Ant-Man Skin is on the way, if recent leaks and data mines are to be believed, anyway. The Epic Games and Marvel love-in looks set to continue with the less-than-pint-sized Superhero set to join the ranks of the Avengers already in the game. Knowing how to unlock Ant-Man in Fortnite will make sure everyone is able to play as the size-shifting Super.

How to unlock Ant-Man in Fortnite

Fortnite Ant-Man Skin

To unlock the Fortnite Ant-Man Skin players will either need to spend some cash on V-Bucks, the Battle Pass, or complete some in-game challenges. All three unlocking systems have been used on various different Marvel characters in Fortnite.

It’s likely that Ant-Man will simply be able to be bought in the Item Shop. The current Battle Pass is set to continue for a little while longer yet. This means that it’s unlikely that the Ant-Man Skin won’t be posthumously added to the current Season’s Battle Pass. Based on previous Marvel Skins such as Blade, it is thought that Ant-Man will likely cost between 2,000-2,500 V-Bucks.

As the Ant-Man Outfit has only been data mined (H/T: iFireMonkey), it is currently unknown how much the Skin will cost or if there will be another way to unlock it. It’s unknown, too, when Ant-Man will be added to the game. Let’s hope that when Ant-Man is added, he doesn’t bug the game like Wolverine did.

All that is known so far about Ant-Man in Fortnite is that the Outfit is supposedly incoming. Files detailing the Skin have been found following the 2.90 update. There looks set to be an Ant-Man Achievement/Legacy, too. The “Squish” Achievement has been leaked, too, by iFireMonkey. It’s awarded to players that land on the Ant-Man.

It is expected that players will need to purchase the Fortnite Ant-Man Skin from the Item Shop at a cost of between 2,000-2,500 V-Bucks. Whenever it is added to the game, anyway. It could be the case that Ant-Man can be unlocked via completing in-game challenges, too. Time will tell. Alongside the new Ant-Man Skin, it looks like a Ghostbusters Bundle (or 3) is coming to Fortnite, too.