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All Amnesia: Rebirth Endings | Good, Bad, Neutral, Secret

Amnesia: Rebirth has a surprisingly compelling story, which leaves most players curious to see how things could’ve played out differently. This all Amnesia: Rebirth endings guide details how to get the worst and the best ending; not only that, but there are also neutral and secret conclusions. Here’s how to get all endings in the new Amnesia game on PC and PS4.

Amnesia: Rebirth | How to unlock all four endings

all Amnesia: Rebirth endings

While Frictional Games’ original Amnesia: The Dark Descent placed its main focus on horror, Rebirth pushes its narrative to the forefront. The story of amnesiac draughtswoman Anastasie “Tasi” Trianon is peppered with mysteries; these propel users forward on a harrowing journey to uncover what really happened to her and her fellow crew members after their plane crashed in the Algerian desert.

How to get the “good” ending

All of the endings in Amnesia: Rebirth come with their pros and cons, but the “Provider” ending is perhaps the happiest of the bunch.

To unlock the best ending in Amnesia: Rebirth, players must reject the Empress’ offer and escape with Amari. Instead of putting the baby back in her crib, return to and activate the portal while carrying Amari. Tasi and her child will teleport back to Paris, while the Empress will continue to rule her alternate dimension.

Although the status quo is somewhat restored, baby Amari will most likely die from her illness without the Empress’ help. Additionally, the Empress will continue torturing her citizens to extract vitae and prolong her life.

How to get the “bad” ending

The bad Amnesia: Rebirth ending (“Harvester”) is unlocked by leaving baby Amari in the care of the Empress. After feeding Amari, place her back in the crib and walk away. Tasi will be transformed into a ghoul to serve the Empress, though retains memories of her child and watches her flourish from afar.

Tasi sacrificing herself for the benefit of her child could be seen as a positive, though, to keep Amari in good health, the Empress supplies her with vitae that’s generated by torturing and killing people. Whether the life of one child is worth the lives of an entire population is ultimately up to the player.

How to get the “neutral” ending

To get the neutral ending in Amnesia: Rebirth, also referred to as the “Iconoclast” conclusion, players must kill the Empress. After taking Amari, users must travel locate three life support feeds around the perimeter of the final area. By combining red flesh vials with the syringe, then injecting each of the vitae supply points, players can dethrone the Empress. After the Empress is overcome with corruption from the Shadow, it overflows to kill Tasi and baby Amari as well.

Killing Amari definitely isn’t ideal, though players that want to stop the cycle of torture have no other choice. With the Empress dead, no longer will people from the alternate dimension be tortured to extract vitae and keep her alive.

How to get the secret ending

The secret Amnesia: Rebirth ending can be unlocked by taking Amari, then failing to escape the Empress. After refusing to give the baby up, players will be targeted by the Empress and must avoid her gaze. Failing to do so will result in Tasi turning into a ghoul, then, under the Empress’ influence, returning baby Amari to her crib in a unique cutscene.

After the secret Amnesia: Rebirth ending cutscene, the game transitions into the Harvester ending; the Empress cares for Amari as a malformed Tasi Trianon watches from afar.

Having finished Amnesia: Rebirth and had all endings explained, here’s when to expect new content. With custom stories right around the corner, could a VR mode or Xbox One and Nintendo Switch versions be next?