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Why is Ghostrunner full screen mode missing?

Despite its generous number of graphics options that detail everything from texture resolutions to enabling FidelityFX, Ghostrunner‘s full screen mode is missing for some users. Though Borderless and Windowed Borderless are available, the more traditional full screen option isn’t there. Here’s the need-to-know on fixing it.

How to run Ghostrunner in full screen mode

Though windowed and borderless windowed are useful for live streamers and content creators, as it allows them to quickly switch between capture applications and voice chat programs, the majority of gamers are likely to use full screen.

To run Ghostrunner in full screen mode on PC, do the following:

  • Go to the Settings menu.
    • If you’re at the main menu, you can “Press any button” and then “Settings” will appear.
    • If you’re in-game, you’ll need to press the “Esc” key and then select “Settings.”
  • Go to the “Video” tab.
  • Set the “Window Mode” as “Full Screen.”

Unfortunately, not all users will find the “Full Screen” option in Settings. It is missing for users of both AMD and Nvidia hardware, and is likely an issue with the game itself.

For now, users with a missing full screen mode will need to make do with windowed or borderless windowed. This unfortunately also seems to force a locked 1080p resolution, making it impossible to play at 4K.

As Ghostrunner has only just launched, here’s hoping the developer is quick to roll out any fixes for issues that new players find.

With the exception of a missing full screen mode, the other graphics options are generous and full-featured. There’s even FidelityFX which helps improve performance on AMD-powered machines.

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