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Watch Dogs: Legion | How to Erase the Quantum Computer in 404 Not Found

The Watch Dogs: Legion 404 Not Found mission features an objective that tells you to erase the Quantum Computer, though with so many guards, turrets, and security systems, doing so can be a tall order. The 404 Not Found mission will require you to guide your player-character and their gadgets through the highly guarded Nexus Tower facility, before complete a tricky node puzzle. Here’s how to erase the Quantum Computer in 404 Not Found.

Where is the Quantum Computer in 404 Not Found?

watch dogs legion erase the quantum computer 404 not found guide

The Quantum Computer is located in the Nexus Tower. While you can enter through the front door of the Nexus Tower and make your way to its upper floors by way of disabling the first security system, it is easier (and stealthier) to use a drone or spider robot and access it from a fan vent located to the rear of the building.

The fan can be found at the top of the stairs at the back of the Nexus Tower, with you able to hijack one of the drones circling the area. A spider robot with the cloak ability is the preferred option for a stealthier approach, though the drone can still get you into the building.

watch dogs legion erase the quantum computer 404 not found guide 2

Head up the stairs and open the fan vent, then head down the corridor and through the door on your left. Two turrets are located here, though you can prevent these turrets from attacking you by hacking and raising the barriers in front of them. This is the room in which the Quantum Computer is located, with you able to access it by disabling the red security shield around it. However, you can only erase the Quantum Computer after you have completed the node puzzle on the floor above.

How to erase the Quantum Computer in 404 Not Found

To erase the Quantum Computer, complete the node puzzle located on the Nexus Tower’s second floor. To complete the node puzzle, you must rotate the nodes until each of them unlocks and eventually shuts down the security system preventing your access to the Quantum Computer.

Erase the Quantum Computer puzzle solution

watch dogs legion erase the quantum computer puzzle solution

First, unlock the top L-shaped node and rotate it twice, before rotating the bottom L-shaped node twice, too. Go around the Quantum Computer and unlock the I-shaped node.

Rotate it once, then unlock the L-shaped node at the bottom of the computer. Rotate it twice, then rotate the I-shaped node to continue the blue power line to the other side of the computer.

Now rotate the top L-shaped node once and the bottom L-shaped node once to unlock the final node. Don’t rotate it, as it will now send the blue power line to the control panel. This will now solve the puzzle required to erase the Quantum Computer.

watch dogs legion erase the quantum computer 404 not found guide room

You can now turn off the Quantum Computer’s security system by heading to the room on the first floor you previously passed. Interact with the Quantum Computer to begin the process of erasing it, and then wait in a secure nearby place as it erases. Once this is done, take control of your player-character and leave the area.

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