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How to deflect bullets in Ghostrunner

Knowing how to deflect bullets in Ghostrunner is one of the best ways to look as cool as the protagonist looks. But it won’t happen automatically as players will need to get the ability first. Here’s how to get the ability to reflect bullets in Ghostrunner. Players will need this for the “I call it luck,” “Hit me if you can,” and “Sword to a gunfight” Trophies or Achievements.

How do I deflect bullets in Ghostrunner?

How to deflect bullets in Ghostrunner

In order to deflect bullets in Ghostrunner, players need to first get the ability to do so. It can’t be done right out of the gate. The ability to get upgrades right is unlocked after the Tetris puzzle and subsequent room in the cyber world to get the Blink ability. This is fairly early on in the game.

Once players complete a trip into the cyber world, the ability to attach modules in the upgrade menu will be unlocked. The module players need to equip is under the pink category called “Deflect,” which should be the second one under “Dash.” Players will see an ability called “Reflect” which allows them to reflect bullets back if the sword is slashed at the appropriate time.

There are some caveats though. First, players need to make sure they actually aim. The deflected bullet will go to where the crosshair is and will not automatically bounce back and hit the enemy. Secondly, the sword slash needs to be timed well. This takes some getting used to, but be sure to memorize when to slash. Going off the pre-blast flashes of the enemies is one way to time it, but that timing changes the farther away the player is. There are plenty of places to practice this as the main single-shot grunts are everywhere. Also, players cannot reflect the projectiles from the Shifter enemy.

How to deflect bullets in Ghostrunner

There is another upgrade module that makes this easier. The “Boost” module under that pink category makes deflecting significantly easier so players don’t have to be as on-point with their timing. Players may have to wait to get this upgrade or wait to have enough space in their upgrade tree if they don’t want to immediately make room for it. Players unlock more upgrade modules when they finish a level in the cyber world so check back often.