When is the Population: One PSVR release date?

Population: One brings battle royale to virtual reality for the first time. It’s available now on PC VR and Oculus Quest with cross-play, though, for the time being, there’s no PlayStation VR version. With PS4 players pining for a Population: One PSVR release date, developer BigBox VR has shed some light on the situation.

Population: One PSVR | Is it coming to PlayStation VR?

Population One PSVR release date

The battle royale game mode has been immensely popular for years now, taking many forms and expanding into different genres. It isn’t until now that major steps have been taken to bring the multiplayer experience to VR, however; the arrival of Population: One could prove to be a milestone for virtual reality gaming, then. If that’s the case, it’s only right that the most popular HMD on the market gets a look in. Right?

Population: One is coming to PSVR in the future, though there is no release date at the time of writing. BigBox VR CEO Chia Chin Lee stated that the developers “definitely have plans for PSVR” while discussing the game’s post-launch support, but did not reveal a launch window. It isn’t yet clear whether PS4 and/or PS5 hardware is being targeted, either.

Lee made the comments in a recent interview with UploadVR, much to the delight of PSVR fans. Population: One can be an intense VR experience, so the delay in releasing a PlayStation port could be a blessing in disguise for new owners. Getting comfortable with virtual reality often takes time, now afforded to gamers picking up a PSVR headset alongside the PS5 this holiday season.

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