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Watch Dogs: Legion VIP Status | What is it and can you get more?

The Watch Dogs: Legion VIP Status grants exclusive bonuses to players who have it. Four weeks of VIP Status comes included in the Ultimate and Collector’s editions of the game, but it’s not immediately clear what it actually does. Here’s what VIP Status means and boosts in-game, as well as details on whether players can buy more and extend it.

What does VIP Status do in Watch Dogs: Legion?

A Very Important Person in the Watch Dogs: Legion universe earns money more quickly. The ETO currency is often hard to come by, especially when players keep spending it on the many awesome outfits. VIP Status helps keep players’ ETO wallets topped up so they never feel the tight squeeze of dystopian London.

VIP Status in Watch Dogs: Legion lets players earn in-game currency faster. With VIP Status enabled, ETO drops will be more plentiful, making it easier to save up for more customization options.

Can you buy more VIP Status in Watch Dogs: Legion?

Watch Dogs: Legion VIP Status

At the time of writing, you can’t yet buy more VIP Status in Watch Dogs: Legion. However, the in-game store does feature a Boosters category. It wouldn’t be a surprise to see VIP Status added there sometime after launch.

Currently, the only way for players to get VIP Status is to buy the Ultimate or Collector’s editions of the game. Those that are desperate for ETO may want to try this guide to earn money quickly. This costs $0 and is incredibly effective at farming ETO drops.

Those liking the prestige of VIP Status may also want to check out the Prestige Operatives, which come armed with some crazy perks and weapons. Here are details of all three battle-ready warriors.

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