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Is the Watch Dogs: Legion Season Pass worth it?

The Watch Dogs: Legion season pass includes additional content that will enhance the base game experience. Those buying the Gold, Ultimate, and Collector’s Edition get the season pass included. Buyers of the standard version will be wondering if they should buy the season pass and what content it includes.

Should I buy the Watch Dogs: Legion Season Pass?

Is the Watch Dogs Legion Season Pass worth it?

Deciding whether or not players should buy the Watch Dogs: Legion season pass comes down to how much it costs and whether or not the included content seems worth it. This will be different for each player, so here’s the breakdown.

How much is the Watch Dogs: Legion season pass?

The Watch Dogs: Legion season pass costs $39.99. It’s available on Amazon here.

It’s likely that the season pass will eventually be discounted during sale events. However, this is unlikely to happen close to the game’s launch.

What content does the Watch Dogs: Legion season pass include?

For that $39.99 price tag, owners of the Watch Dogs: Legion season pass will get access to:

  • “Bloodline” story expansion that continues the story of Aiden Pearce.
  • A total of four new characters including: Aiden, Wrench, Mina, a subject of transhuman experiments possessing the power of mind control, and Darcy, a member of the Assassin Order.
  • Three additional DedSec story missions.
  • Exclusive car skin.
  • Digital copy of Watch Dogs: Complete Edition.

If the above content seems worth the $39.99, then the season pass may be a wise purchase. However, for those unsure about dropping $40, it could be worth waiting for a sale or reviews of the story expansion.

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