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How to unlock Beekeeper in Watch Dogs: Legion

Watch Dogs: Legion features a lot of bizarre playable characters to recruit; one of the more outlandish Operatives, plus one of the most fun to use, is the Beekeeper. For the complete need-to-know, stick with this how to unlock Beekeeper in Watch Dogs: Legion guide.

How to recruit the Beekeeper Operative in Watch Dogs: Legion

Watch Dogs: Legion beekeeper how to get

While most Operatives have unique quirks relating to their occupation, the Beekeeper tops the list. Getting the Beekeeper in Watch Dogs: Legion is something that should be done as soon as possible, in order to get the most use out of the character. Chances are, nobody will get bored of putting their beekeeping talents to use.

To unlock the Beekeeper in Watch Dogs: Legion, players must liberate the City of London district. After completing every task indicated by a red icon within the area, it will become “Defiant” and be marked with a green tick on the map. A new mission will then open up, which rewards players with the Beekeeper special Operative upon completion.

For reference, the City of London district is located just south of Islington & Hackney.

Watch Dogs: Legion Beekeeper abilities

Watch Dogs: Legion beekeeper bee swarm abilities

Now that how to unlock the Beekeeper in Watch Dogs: Legion is clear, check out what abilities make the Operative so desirable:

Beekeeper abilities list

  1. Bee Swarm — Damage Enemies
  2. Overcharger — Unique Weapon
  3. Anti-Shock Suit — Shock Immunity
  4. Random

Bee Swarm, Overcharger, and Anti-Shock Suit are all guaranteed benefits, with the fourth being randomized to make the Beekeeper somewhat more unique to each player.

How to use Bee Swarm

By holding down RB/R1, players can target up to three enemies (highlighted in red) at once and unleash a deadly swarm of bees on them. Neutralizing 10 Albion guards using Bee Swarms will net users the “NO NOT THE BEES” Achievement or Trophy.

It’s important to note that the Bees Swarm ability can not be used against civilians in Watch Dogs: Legion. If the bees fly away from their target, it’s because they’re avoiding innocent victims to seek out hostiles.

Quirky characters and abilities are just one of the reasons Watch Dogs: Legion earned a recommendation in the Game Revolution review. It might be missing multiplayer at launch and struggling to perform on PC, but that doesn’t spoil the fun.