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Watch Dogs: Legion | Upload or Kill Skye Larsen in Into the Void?

After visiting Skye Larsen’s house, players will begin the mission “Into the Void.” This mission’s conclusion ends with players being faced with one of the few choices in Watch Dogs: Legion: should you kill Skye Larsen or allow her to upload her brain? The decision is thrust upon the player very suddenly. Though they’re encouraged by Nowt to end Skye’s life, the decision is ultimately up to them.

At this point, players are likely wondering if there are any consequences to killing Skye Larsen in Watch Dogs: Legion. Will allowing her to upload or pulling the plug lock players out of any content? Find out more below.

Spoilers for Watch Dogs: Legion below.

Should I kill or upload Skye Larsen Watch Dogs: Legion?

Watch Dogs Legion Upload or Kill skye larsen

In the preceding missions in the 404 questline in Watch Dogs: Legion, players infiltrated Skye Larsen’s mansion, discovered her secrets, and have learned about Skye and her quest for immortality. She wishes to upload herself into the cloud and become a transhuman. However, her desire to live forever has twisted her, and she’s performed monstrous acts to perfect the technology.

Blume’s Project Daybreak is built on the suffering of others. After discovering Skye’s depravity, the player sets out to stop her. Upon arriving at the Blume facility, the player deduces that Skye is in the process of uploading herself to the cloud. If she does so, she’ll be beyond any justice Dedsec might dispense upon her, and she may potentially use her abilities subjugate humanity.

Upon making their way to Skye, deep in the underbelly of the facility, they find she’s dying, likely from the same malady her mother suffered from. Her only hope for survival is to upload her consciousness before her body fails.

Players are presented with a choice: allow Skye Larsen to continue her upload or pull the plug on her life support. Nowt makes her wishes known and wants Skye dead, but the decision is ultimately up to the player.

What happens if you kill or upload Skye Larsen in Watch Dogs: Legion?

  • If the player allows Skye Larsen to live, she uploads herself, and her body dies. This makes Nowt extremely angry, and she vows to cut ties with the player.
  • If Skye Larsen dies, Nowt approves of the decision and promises to stay in touch.

However, the decision is irrelevant. Regardless of Skye’s fate, Nowt will show up at Dedsec’s hideout and offer players a new string of missions. Players can choose to kill or save Skye with impunity, knowing that it won’t lock them out of any content in the future.

There may be a consequence or sequence we’ve missed that’s influenced by this decision. However, if there is, it’s not immediately apparent. After the mission ends, business continues as usual, and it hardly gets a mention for the rest of the game.