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Watch Dogs: Legion Bloodline DLC release date

Watch Dogs: Legion Bloodline is a DLC expansion that is included in the game’s season pass. It’s significant in that it sees the return of the original Watch Dogs protagonist, Aiden Pearce, as he joins the resistance in London. Here’s the need-to-know on the Watch Dogs: Legion Bloodline DLC release date.

When is the Watch Dogs: Legion Bloodline DLC release date?

Watch Dogs: Legion Bloodline DLC release date

While the Watch Dogs: Legion season pass is available from launch, most of the content it includes isn’t yet ready to download and install. Players can’t access the Bloodline expansion, or any of the four hero characters: Aiden, Wrench from Watch Dogs 2; Mina, an experiment gone wrong who possesses the power of mind control; and Darcy, a member of the Assassin Order.

The Watch Dogs: Legion Bloodline DLC will launch sometime after the game’s launch.

It hasn’t yet been confirmed when Bloodline or any other season pass content will be available to players. Those hardcore original Watch Dogs fans who are waiting to use Aiden for the Legion campaign may want to try available operatives instead.

Assuming a normal process, Ubisoft will reveal the Watch Dogs: Legion Aiden Pearce DLC release date in a trailer, either weeks or months before launch. This should give players a decent bit of time to prepare for his arrival, making room in their teams by deleting any unwanted operatives.

Those that are already looking for more content and DLC may want to try these Watch Dogs: Legion cheats to spice up the gameplay.

Aiden will likely join the ranks of the Prestige Operatives. There are currently three Prestige Operatives in the game, all of which boast incredibly skills and powerful weapons.

The Game Revolution Watch Dogs: Legion review describes the game as “Pokemon but with people,” ultimately awarding it with a great score.