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Watch Dogs: Legion Weapons | How to pick up and swap guns with enemies

While hand-to-hand combat has been overhauled for Watch Dogs: Legion, weapons are still incredibly useful tools for quickly taking out enemies. There are a large amount of different and unique weapons, some of which are only wielded by enemies. Here’s how to pick up and swap guns with enemies in Watch Dog: Legion.

How to pick up guns in Watch Dogs: Legion

How to pick up guns in Watch Dogs Legion

Basic operatives come with a non-lethal pistol and sometimes a lethal alternative, but these are underpowered and need upgrading fast! Picking up new guns in Watch Dogs: Legion is key to balancing the fight, as missions get tougher and tougher. What’s more, using enemy weapons against them is one of the most satisfying things a player can do. It’s only natural to spot a grenade launcher in the hands of an enemy and want to steal it.

  • Swap guns with enemies.
    • You can swap guns with enemies in Watch Dogs: Legion by recruiting them to DedSec. While it requires some additional time, some enemies have power weapons that are well worth the investment.
  • Pick them up off the floor.
    • Running over a dropped enemy weapon refills ammo. When running low on ammunition, quickly run back over downed enemies to rapidly refill ammo reserves.
  • Buy weapons.
    • Players can buy weapons in the Tech menu. They cost Tech Points and are non-lethal, which can be useful. There’s a non-lethal pistol, SMG, shotgun, and grenade launcher. The latter is especially good at dealing with groups of enemies.

How to change weapons in Watch Dogs: Legion

How to pick up guns in Watch Dogs Legion

Players can change weapons in Watch Dogs: Legion in a few different ways. Here’s how to swap to new weapons and enemy guns.

  • Use the Team menu.
    • By heading to “Team,” selecting an operative, hitting “Edit”, and then “Weapon,” players can equip a newly-unlocked gun.
  • Push “Up” on the controller.
    • Pressing the “Up” button swaps between an operative’s two weapons. Note: the operative will need to have two weapons assigned to them.
  • Swap operatives.
    • To fully swap out your current loadout, you will need to swap operatives. Change from a silenced pistol-equipped spy to a grenade launcher-wielding soldier with a quick visit to “Team” and then select “Swap to Operative.”

Those hunting for more power will want to check out the Prestige Operatives. These three characters are the best of the best when it comes to dealing damage against Albion.

Aiden Pearce is coming to Watch Dogs: Legion, likely equipped with his own set of weapons. Here’s the latest info on the “Bloodline” DLC release date.

As for powerful vehicles, the spy car is arguably the best one in the game. It comes equipped with lock-on missiles and can clock itself to go invisible. Here’s how to unlock it with the Spy character.