Are there Teardown PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch release dates?

Teardown recently hit Steam Early Access on PC and quickly took the platform by storm. The voxel-based heist game features impressive destruction mechanics, leaving awestruck console players eager to get their fill. So, are there Teardown PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch version on the way? Here’s the latest on console ports and their potential release dates.

Is Teardown coming to PS4?

Teardown PS4

The world of Teardown is completely physics-based and destructible. As a result, players can complete the game’s heists in almost any way they can conceive of — the only real limit is imagination. That’s an enticing prospect, so it’s no wonder that console users are envious of their PC counterparts right now.

Teardown isn’t likely to appear on PS4. Developer Tuxedo Labs hasn’t officially announced any console versions yet, though has stated that a next-gen release could happen. Although a Teardown PS4 release date isn’t likely to come to light, the game could get a PS5 launch window in the future.

Dennis Gustafsson, the creator of Teardown, tweeted that the game “would run fine on next-generation consoles,” though also acknowledged that “porting to console is a lot of work and out of scope for now.”

Once the final game is released on PC, however, there’s a chance that Teardown will “maybe” come to next-gen platfroms.

Is Teardown coming to Xbox One?

Teardown Xbox One

No, Teardown isn’t coming to Xbox One. There’s no Teardown Xbox One release date to look forward to, though the game may make its way to Xbox Series X in the future.

Developer Tuxedo Lads stated on Twitter that Teardown would most likely “run fine” on Xbox Series X. Despite that, porting the game is “out of scope for now,” though could be possible at a later date.

Is Teardown coming to Nintendo Switch?

Teardown Nintendo Switch

Teardown is not coming to Nintendo Switch. Even if the hypothetical Switch Pro happened, it most likely wouldn’t match the next-gen horsepower needed to run the game. One far-flung possibility could be releasing Teardown as a streaming title; Remedy Games’ Control is now streamable on Switch, plus Hitman 3 is on the way next year.

Speaking of revised console hardware, here’s what a PS5 Slim could look like.