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PS5 Error Code CE-107891-6 | Can’t start the game or app fix

Update: Game Revolution has narrowed down the cause of PS5 error code CE-107891-6. It’s caused when a game doesn’t properly copy from an external hard drive to the internal SSD. To fix it, players must delete the game in question and redownload it from PSN.

PS5 Error Code CE-107891-6 is occurring for some users when they attempt to launch games and apps on PlayStation 5. Of course, that’s far from ideal and prevents console owners from playing the games or consuming the apps they desire. So, is there an easy PlayStation 5 Error Code CE-107891-6 fix? Here’s the need-to-know on the PS5 “can’t start the game or app” error message.

PS5 Error Code CE-107891-6 | Is there a fix?

PS5 Error Code CE-107891-6

After picking up a shiny new next-gen console, nobody wants to see the PS5 CE-107891-6 error message on their TV. The issue occurs when attempting to launch a game or application on PlayStation 5, but the console fails to do so and informs users that it “can’t start the game or app” via an error screen. Naturally, those affected are seeking out a simple workaround.

At this early stage, there is no official PS5 Error Code CE-107891-6 listing on the PlayStation website. As a result, it’s only possible to speculate on what the cause and solution might be. During Game Revolution’s testing of the PlayStation 5, Error Code CE-107891-6 has consistently occurred when attempting to launch Death Stranding, though hasn’t affected other games and apps. It seems likely that the CE-107891-6 error is caused by compatibility issues, with affected content requiring a patch to run correctly on PS5 hardware.

It’s possible that Error Code CE-107891-6 on PS5 is exclusive to Death Stranding, but it seems more likely that it relates to a larger version compatibility issue on the platform. Without official word from Sony and/or more reports from users, however, it’s important to reiterate that’s just speculation for the time being. If more information on the PS5 CE-107891-6 error becomes apparent, we’ll aim to keep everyone posted.

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