Does Demon’s Souls Remake have ray tracing on PS5?

Demon’s Souls Remake ray tracing support would no doubt be awesome for PS5 players to experience. Fans have been eager to find out if the next-gen graphical feature will make its way into the flashy remake or not. Now there has been a definitive answer. Here’s the lowdown on whether or not there is ray tracing in the Demon’s Souls Remake.

Does Demon’s Souls Remake support ray tracing on PS5?

Demon's Souls Remake ray tracing

Demon’s Souls Remake ray tracing would help elevate its visuals to even greater heights on the PS5,but the hardware-intensive option is not yet a standard on the console. There will be plenty of games that forgo ray tracing support in favor of increased frame-rates and visual fidelity in other areas.

There is no ray tracing in Demon’s Souls Remake on PS5. The game is set to launch without ray tracing support. This has been confirmed by the Japanese outlet Game Spark (via Nibellion on Twitter). Nibellion’s tweet can be seen below:

As per the above tweet, the game’s lack of ray tracing has been confirmed by SIE (Sony Interactive Entertainment). It’s another piece of news that may turn some heads along with some iconic items being hidden behind a paywall.

Without any Demon’s Souls Remake ray tracing, the game should be more likely to hit its targeted frame-rate. This should help ensure a smooth experience for the player. Hopefully, both the High FPS Mode and 4K Mode can benefit in some way without the added stress of ray tracing thrown in. It’s a fine-looking game without ray tracing anyway!

Demon’s Souls Remake isn’t the only PS5 game with a graphical compromise to keep performance smooth. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla doesn’t support native 4K on the next-gen console, for example. At least PS5 game boot time reportedly takes only around two seconds.