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Spider-Man: Miles Morales Ending Explained | What did the post-credits cutscene mean?

The Spider-Man: Miles Morales post-credits cutscene ends on a big cliffhanger, teasing at what is next for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 or another game set in the same universe. This ending explained guide will contain SPOILERS, so back out now to avoid them. Here’s what the Spider-Man: Miles Morales ending and after-credits cutscene mean.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales Ending Explained

Spider-Man: Miles Morales Ending Explained

After 7-9 hours of main missions, Miles has become his own version of Spider-Man, stopping the Tinkerer and Roxxon’s plans. Harlem is saved and Peter is proud of him. It’s a pretty tidy ending, up until the post-credits cutscene, that is!

The Spider-Man: Miles Morales post-credits cutscene is viewed from the point of view of Harry Osborn. He’s shown to be held in a tank and infected by a black substance, potentially the Venom symbiote. His father, Norman Osborn, demands that Harry now be released.

This ending is similar to what players saw at the end of Spider-Man PS4Miles Morales takes place a year after the events of that game and Harry has been held in the tank for all of that time.

Norman Osborn, mayor of New York City, wants to save his son from the infection, but releasing Harry potentially means unleashing Venom upon the city. It looks likely that it will be Peter and Miles vs. Venom in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, though there won’t be official confirmation for some time.

Curt Connors is the doctor working on Harry, so it’s possible that he will transform into The Lizard in a sequel.

Players may also be asking themselves if Phin really died. Here’s what we know about the Tinkerer’s fate and whether or not she’ll make another appearance.

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