Can I get a PS5 before Christmas 2020?

The PS5 is sure to be one of Xmas 2020’s hottest gifts. Problem is, there aren’t enough next-generation PlayStation consoles to go around! As a result, many consumers are asking one simple question: “Can I get a PS5 before Christmas 2020?” Here’s the latest on the PlayStation 5 Christmas stock situation.

Can I get a PlayStation 5 before Xmas 2020?

Can I get a PS5 before Christmas 2020?

Grabbing a PlayStation 5 pre-order for launch day was somewhat of a lottery; however prepared shoppers were, ultimately, securing a PS5 came down to luck. After the initial debacle, consumers hoped for clear communication on a PS5 console restock from Sony. While that hasn’t quite been the case, there is still hope to secure a PS5 in time for Xmas.

The PS5 is expected to be available for online order this Thursday, November 12. On the PlayStation 5 launch day, the new console should be available from retailers including Amazon and Best Buy. Sony has confirmed that all PS5 sales are online-only, so do not visit a physical location in hopes of ordering a PlayStation 5 console for Christmas 2020.

PS5 stock is expected to sell out quickly on November 12. You will be able to purchase it here via Amazon:

With no future PS5 availability date set, it could well be the final opportunity to order a next-gen PlayStation console in 2020. Unfortunately, luck will once again play a part in who does and doesn’t secure an order. For the best odds of success, if possible, make time to frequently check Amazon, Best Buy, and social media for updates this coming Thursday.

Hopefully, Sony will release another batch of PS5 consoles later in November or early in December to help with meeting the holiday demand. Due to the current state of the world, however, that’s far from guaranteed.

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