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Bugsnax | All Flavor Falls Bugsnax list

The Bugsnax Flavor Falls location is the first you’ll enter in the PS4, PS5, and PC game, with it containing thirteen Bugsnax in total for you to catch and scan. This area contains a couple of the rarest Bugsnak creatures which can only be found by way of side-missions or waiting for certain weather requirements, such as the Mama Mewon and Caramel Poptick.

All Bugsnax in Flavor Falls list

bugsnax all flavor falls list

The Flavor Falls Bugsnax are numerous, providing a broad selection of creatures to catch that showcase some of the more unique ways to get a hold of them. With this being the first area you’ll come across in the game’s open-world Snaktooth Island, there’s still plenty of reason to return to it.

Flavor Falls Bugapedia List

Here are all the Bugsnax that can be found, scanned, and caught in Flavor Falls:

  • Strabby
  • Pinkle
  • Rootle
  • White Rootle
  • Green Lolive
  • Inchwrap
  • Sandopede
  • Sub Sandopede
  • Ruby Peelbug
  • Caramel Poptick
  • Twisty Snakpod
  • Wee Mewon
  • Mama Mewon

Secret Bugsnax in Flavor Falls

While a number of these are relatively common and can be caught easily, there are some trickier Bugsnak creatures among this list. These include the Wee Mewon and Mama Mewon, which can only be caught during a side-mission, and the Caramel Poptick, which can only be caught while it’s raining. Find out how to make it rain in our guide.

Flavor Falls is the first location you’ll visit in the game, though it doesn’t contain the least number of creatures to catch, with that honor belonging to Garden Grove. Given the nature of some of the lengthier Bugsnak hunts in this area, it could well be one of the final areas you complete in your Bugapedia.

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