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Bugsnax Map and All Locations | Location list and unlock them

The Bugsnax map features a variety of locations in the open-world Snaktooth Island, with there being plenty of new places to unlock as you play. Each location is filled with its own unique Bugsnak creatures, so how do you unlock new areas and what is the full Bugsnax area list?

Complete Bugsnax Map

bugsnax map snaktooth island

The complete Bugsnax features ten locations. There is one location visited at the end of the game, though this is not present on the complete map. The map is unlocked steadily as players progress through the main story.

All locations in Bugsnax 

How to unlock each Bugsnax map location

Flavor Falls

This is the starting area. Flavor Falls is unlocked by completing the brief introduction, with you then meeting Filbo before continuing with the game.

Garden Grove

Garden Grove is the second area you visit. Here, you will meet Beffica, and you unlock it by following Filbo through the starting area after catching three Bugsnax for him. 


Snakburg is the game’s hub area that you will unlock after meeting Beffica. As you meet more Grumpuses and complete tasks for them, they will gather here and re-enter their homes that can be found in the area.

Simmering Springs

This is the first location that will be entered after the introduction. You will meet Gramble here, who will give you the Buggy Ball.

Scorched Gorge

This desert location is where you’ll find Cromdo, who will try to sell you a broken bridge to Sizzlin’ Sands. Here you’ll be given the Lunch Pad.

Sugarpine Woods

Sugarpine Woods is the temporary home of Chandlo and Snorpy, and it’s where you’ll be given both the Snakgrappler to clean up Chandlo’s basketballs.

Boiling Bay

Boiling Bay is where the controversial Floofty resides, who is using the beach location to hold her experiments. She will give you the useful Trip Shot.

Frozen Peak

Frozen Peak is where the Bugsnax story comes to a head with Eggabell. You will be required to complete a number of tasks here to get to the game’s endgame.

Sizzlin’ Sands

Sizzlin’ Sands is where you’ll find the spiritual Shelda, who will request that you complete a number of odd tasks for her before she returns to Snakburg.