How to get faster PS5 download speeds

While our experience with the PlayStation 5 has been great, some users might have issues with slow downloads. This hasn’t been the case for us, but there’s a multitude of factors that may result in games downloading slower than they should. Networking is a complicated subject, and any number of problems can affect the PS5’s download speed.

Why are my PS5 downloads slow?

PS5 faster downloads

The PS5 normally downloads at a faster rate than its predecessor, the PS4. The PS4 is known for its slow download speeds and lengthy game installation times, which is why it’s so great that these issues have been eliminated with the PS5. However, some users might face problems with slow download speed with the new console.

From our experience reviewing the PS5, it’s a very stable console in all aspects. Most issues that arise with it will likely be caused by another device in a user’s network. This might be the router, the modem, or issues with the internet signal itself.

Speeding up the PS5’s downloads will have less to do with the console and more to do with the equipment it’s connected to. If a player is having issues with slow PS5 downloads, they should try the following troubleshooting steps:

Reset the router and modem

This might seem like a no-brainer, but sometimes when a new console is connected to the internet, things don’t auto-configure properly. Most of the time, resetting the router and modem will restart the automated process, which will then register the PS5 properly.

Ensure the console’s network configuration is valid

Networking is complex, and the slightest configuration issue can lead to a massive slowdown. Ensure that the PS5 is on a unique IP and that the router is recognizing it as a connected device. The process to do this depends on the brand and model of router, but most just require the user to login and check the network map.

Make sure a firewall is not blocking the PS5

Especially aggressive Pi-Holes or PFBlocker setups may prevent the PS5 from contacting Sony’s servers. If this is the case, the user must either remove the entries affecting the PS5’s connection or forward the proper ports to ensure the PS5 can establish a connection.