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Bugsnax | How to catch a Cinnasnail

Catching one Cinnasnail in Bugsnax can be a difficult task. Located in the Sugarpine Woods area, the Cinnasnail sticks to walls and rocks, preferring to stay far out of reach. With the new Snakgrappler in hand, players may think that’s all they need to use, but it’s trickier than that. Here’s how to catch a Cinnasnail in Bugsnax to feed Chandlo in the “Slow Your Roll!” mission:

How to catch a Cinnasnail in Bugsnax

How to catch a Cinnasnail in Bugsnax

To catch a Cinnasnail in Bugsnax, players need to use the Lunchpad to send a Snak Trap flying towards the creature. Hit R2/RT/left-click when the trap indicator turns blue to secure the Cinnasnail.

If the trapped Cinnasnail is out of reach, players will need to use the Snakgrappler to recover the Snak Trap. The Cinnasnail will then be added to the player inventory.

To complete the “Slow Your Roll!” mission, players will need to look to the right of Chandlo. A Cinnasnail is sitting on a rock. Fire a Snak Trap at the creature using the Lunchpad. Then retrieve the trap using the Snakgrappler. Feed the collected Cinnasnail to Chandlo to complete the objective.

The Cinnasnail description offers the following information:

“Very slow, very sticky. It likes to stay far out of reach.”

It’s also worth noting that the Cinnasnail loves chocolate. Switch to chocolate ammo for the Sauce Slinger slingshot to lure the Cinnasnail towards a Snak Trap.

With the Cinnasnail successfully captured and Chandlo’s first feeding quest complete, it’s time to continue on with completing the Bugapedia. This will take some time. Here’s how many hours players need to invest to complete Bugsnax.

The Cinnasnail can be tricky to capture, but it’s the flying creatures that are often the biggest challenge. This guide details how to capture flying Bugsnax.

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