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Bugsnax PS4 PS Plus | Is it free on PlayStation 4?

Young Horses’ Bugsnax is out now, and, after much anticipation, some PlayStation players can download the game for free. Many people are wondering if they fall into that camp, but more specifically if there’s a Bugsnax PS4 PS Plus release. Here’s the need-to-know on whether or not the creature capturing game will be available on PlayStation 4 via PS+.

Bugsnax PS4 PS Plus | Is it free to download on PlayStation 4?

Bugsnax PS4 PS Plus

Ever since its debut, Bugsnax has captured gamers’ hearts and imaginations. Revealed during a Sony presentation, the bizarre game has become synonymous with PlayStation. As a result, Bugsnax is a PS5 PS Plus title for early adopters of the next-gen hardware. What about users that are sticking with their PS4 consoles, though? Will Bugsnax be available via PlayStation Plus on PS4 as well?

To download Bugsnax on PS4, the game must be purchased for $24.99 from the PlayStation Store. Bugsnax is free for PS5 owners only. Middle-earth: Shadow of War and Hollow Knight: Voidheart Edition are the PlayStation Plus games for PS4 in November 2020.

Although nothing has been confirmed at the time of writing, a Bugsnax PlayStation 4 PS+ release could happen in the future. It’s only possible to speculate for now, but with many PS4 owners disappointed about missing out — especially if they tried and failed to pre-order a PS5 — making Bugsnax available to PlayStation Plus subscribers on PS4 could be a future olive branch.

Bugsnax takes inspiration from a wide range of games, including everything from Pokemon to BioShock. That diversity makes the game both “sweet” and “strange,” as covered in the Game Revolution Bugsnax review. Not only that, but it also makes Bugsnax a strong PlayStation + inclusion as there’s something for almost everyone.

Here’s hoping that a Bugsnax PS4 PS Plus release rolls around in the future, but for now, the game is only available to PS+ subscribers on PS5 throughout November 2020.