Bugsnax cries come out of the PS5 DualSense controller and say their name ‘like a Pokemon’

Bugsnax is a game shrouded in mystery, especially considering the creatures themselves. They’re half-bug and half-snack and they change your appearance somehow if you eat them. But they can speak as well and say their own name like a Pokemon. And that sound comes right out of the Dualsense controller on the PS5.

Creative director, level designer, and writer Kevin Zuhn revealed this in our recent interview with them, which you can view below. When speaking about the PS5’s controller, Zuhn described how the game worked with the Dualsense’s haptic feedback and speaker.

There’s a lot of terrain-specific feedback for when you’re walking across different biomes,” they said. “I know we’ve got different feelings for the bugs in your traps to kind of capture what it’s like when they’re inside. Their cries come out of the controller as well.”

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But their not cries of pain or agony. They’re more like a certain brand of pocket monster instead.

“They say their own name like a Pokemon,” said Zuhn.

Of course, we still don’t know the names of the many Bugsnax in the game. Zuhn did share that the rib centipede one was called a ribblepede, which seems simple enough.