PS5 restock sold out in minutes on PlayStation Direct

PS5 restock took place this morning on the PlayStation Direct website and it sold out in less than 30 minutes. Many players attempted to get in line, but wait times of nearly an hour ultimately resulted in disappointment.

Unsurprisingly, the PS5 has been phenomenally popular. Getting one of these next-gen consoles has proved to be a challenge, especially since Sony banned in-store purchases at major retailers. PS5 pre-orders quickly sold out just like the Xbox Series X|S and it wasn’t long before scalpers started selling them at inflated prices on eBay. Another restock this morning gave some players hope, but it was practically gone in the blink of an eye.

Players anxious for another PS5 restock

Earlier this morning, gaming industry tweeter @Wario64 reported that people were mysteriously queuing up on the PlayStation Direct website, likely in hopes of a PS5 restock. No confirmation had actually come in yet at the time, so it may have just been a few hopeful players trying to get their hands on a console. Further reporting by gamers on Reddit showed that the line was moving along surprisingly fast, giving some players hope that Sony had managed to stabilize its website in the aftermath of the pre-order fiasco.

Ten minutes later, @Wario64 confirmed that there had indeed been a PS5 restock. Unfortunately, it was already too late for anyone who might have hoped to get their hands on a console by now — the PS5 was out of stock approximately four minutes after this was confirmed. Then again, even people who managed to get a pre-order haven’t had the best luck with getting their console on time.

It’s not quite clear how many units were in this latest PS5 restock, but it evidently was not enough to meet the demand. One thing is certain, though — players are likely going to have a very hard time getting their hands on a PS5 before Christmas even if Sony manages to put out several more batches of consoles.