Bugsnax launch trailer uses The Onion review saying it ‘looks like sh*t’

The Bugsnax launch trailer has arrived, highlighting a series of positive reviews of this new PS5 game. Amusingly, the developers have fired back at a comedic negative review from The Onion by featuring a quote in the trailer — albeit with a little creative editing.

Bugsnax is the newest game from Young Horses, the same developer who created Octodad and Octodad: Dadliest Catch. Players have been diving into a colorful world filled with food-based bug creatures, trying to catch challenging Bugsnax like the Pineantula and the Cinnasnail. Reviews of the game have also been coming out, but one of them wasn’t so nice — so Young Horses decided to fire back in a creative way.

The Bugsnax launch trailer one-ups The Onion

The Bugsnax launch trailer reveals that the new game inspired by the likes of Bioshock and Dark Cloud has had largely positive reviews with one notable exception. As highlighted on Twitter, satire site The Onion wasn’t too keen on the game’s graphics, saying the following in a short blurb:

“Looks like sh*t honestly but for a window of several weeks it will be one of the nine best games for the PS5.”

Popagenda, the company that represents and shipped Bugsnax, caught wind of the comment, with co-founder Geneviève St-Onge tweeting that it would go “right into our accolades trailer.”

Sure enough, it did. The latest Bugsnax trailer craftily condenses The Onion’s comment, so that it now reads: “Looks like […] honestly […] one of the […] best games for the PS5.”

Selective editing of review quotes is nothing new in the gaming world, but Young Horses took it to the next level. However, it should be noted that while The Onion’s AV Club does do serious game reviews, its parent site The Onion remains focused on satire and comedy. The Bugsnax launch trailer shows Young Horses accepting its amusing criticism in stride and creatively firing back — check it out for yourself below.