PS5 Stutter and Lag Fix | How to improve frame rate

Players may be looking for a PS5 stutter and lag fix after encountering issues with the framerate in their games. If the PS5 FPS is low or there are other graphical issues, players have a few things they can try to resolve the issue.

What is the PS5 stutter and lag fix?

PS5 Stutter and Lag Fix How to improve framerate FPS close-up

The PS5 stutter and lag fix will depend on the problem a player may be having. The PS5 has powerful next-gen technology, but that doesn’t mean it won’t have of problems like slow download speeds or being unable to start apps at all. Fortunately, players can try a few things to improve their PS5 framerate.

Step 1: Try a different graphics mode

Many next-gen games offer players a choice between two or more graphics modes. Typically, one mode has higher resolution and the other has higher FPS. Try switching to the other graphics mode.

Step 2: Restart the PS5

One PS5 stutter and lag fix is to restart the console. Exit the game and reboot the console entirely.

Step 3: Ensure the PS5 is adequately cooled

The PS5 is esssentially a computer and computers require adequate cooling or their performance will suffer. Make sure that the PS5 is adequately cooled:

  1. Is there enough open space around the PS5 console?
  2. Are the cooling vents blocked by dust or too close to an object?
  3. Does the area around the console feel warm when a game is being played?
  4. Is the stand being used in horizontal mode?

If it seems like the PS5 is too warm, free up some space around the console or move it to a more open area.

Step 4: Check your TV or monitor

One potential PS5 stutter and lag fix may not involve the console at all. If players are experiencing issues with different games, the problem may actually be the TV — try using the PS5 on another TV or monitor and see if the issue remains.

Step 5: Try another game and see if there is still PS5 stutter and lag

Some games may not run well at all despite the power of a PS5 — try playing another game and see if the problems is just with one specific game.